Betsy Brint and Sally Higginson are wives, mothers, sisters and friends. The two live five blocks from one another. Betsy is the mother of three; Sally is the mother of two. Their husbands are friends, as well as brothers-in-law. A large percentage of the time, Betsy and Sally consider themselves happily married. The remaining small percentage of time makes for lively radio.

The genesis of the show goes back to an uncle who once commented that every morning, on his drive to work, he passed pairs of women walking together and gesticulating wildly. These women walked daily and never seemed to be at a loss for topics. What, he wondered, were these women talking about day after day? Since Betsy and Sally walk together all the time, they know what gets discussed.

The show opens the discussion up to callers, as well as to experts who add their spin on things. Callers range from retired folks to college students, with most calls from women in the throes of balancing family and work, but men chime in as well. The lines are open to all…so come join in on the fun!