Here’s a little Biography Jeopardy:

Answer: Henry Kissinger, Peace Keeping Missiles, and Claudia.

Question: Name three critical forces in maintaining world peace.

That’s right. Without Claudia, Betsy and Sal might be serving time rather than dishing up a show.

Claudia is amazing. For starters, she survived growing up in Camilla, Georgia, among six kids, one Russian wolfhound, one Maltese, a few ducks (eaten by the wolfhound), a rabbit (see fate of ducks), a father who owned a peanut processing plant, and a mother who nurtured everyone. For the record, going to the Piggly Wiggly is still considered an excursion in Camilla.

A few of her stats: last century, Claudia graduated from Emory University with a degree in finance and marketing. That qualified her for Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, where she earned a master’s degree and a job in Phoenix. According to Betsy and Sal, her work as a financial analyst was secondary to the fact that she met and married their oldest brother Steven. Though some consider the union a lateral move for Claudia, Betsy and Sal are convinced their brother “married up.”

Fast-forward twenty years. Claudia and Steven now live in a suburb of Chicago with their three children: Alex, a high school senior with a vertical jump of 38 1/2 inches; Samantha, a sophomore who just got her driver’s license; and Annie, a fifth grader who single-handedly keeps the entire jicama industry alive thanks to her addiction to this under-appreciated vegetable.

At any point in time you can find Claudia driving somebody to either volleyball or tennis. Unduly influenced by her husband, her kitchen pantry contains nothing but whole grains, organic peanut butter, fifteen types of gourmet salt, and soy milk. Betsy and Sal bring their own food when they stop by.

For reasons known only to her, Claudia has chosen to join the radio venture as the Executive Producer. That means she is the tie-breaker when Betsy and Sal disagree and the scapegoat when things go wrong. In between those glamorous roles, she keeps the business side of the radio gig going.